Company Introduction

New Orient International Trading Limited is one of the leading seasoning exporters in China since its establishment on 1999. And in 2014, Hangzhou B&G Import&Export Co., Limited was established as New Orient’s sister company. New Orient and B&G supplies monosodium glutamate (MSG), bouillon cube&powder, tomato paste, tomato sauce/ketchup, prawn crackers, canned meat and etc. foodstuffs and other products like mosquito coil to its clients over 40 countries and regions covering Africa, Middle East, South Asia, Europe and South Pacific areas.

New Orient holds over ten famous brands including "The Gest", "OKI", "Jamila", "Big Mamy", “Lele”, "Zinsongo", "Gina’s" and etc.. All these brands bring convenience to customers from different regions in choosing products. New Orient also provides OEM processing service for any of its products.

New Orient can supply any purity, mesh (6 to 100 mesh) and packaging (3g to 25kg) of MSG upon customer's request, and is especially famous for 6 to 8 mesh large crystal. The maximum capacity of its factories is 1500 containers per month.

Bouillon cube and powder is also one of New Orient's main products. New Orient is specialized in doing different kinds of flavor and taste according to customers' request, such as chicken, beef, shrimp, jollof rice, pondu, onion, tomato and fish. Now New Orient can produce about 200 containers every month for the market.

Tomato paste is another main product of New Orient. It possesses the capability of supply varies sizes of canned packaging from 70g to 4500g, as well as sachet packing from 50g to 400g, which enables New Orient be of the leading company among all Chinese suppliers in the industry. Steady quality, taste and color always make customers be satisfied with New Orient's tomato products. The current total sales capacity is over 1000 containers per month.

As one of the top and growing companies in the food industry, New Orient has a strong business department which possesses a professional team with members having 30 years'- or even longer experience in foreign trade business. All its suppliers have been verified by HALAL HACCP and ISO. New Orient guarantees to conduct effective communication with customers and provide them with quality products and service.
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